As Asmet Group we provide Just-in-Time logistic services in a variety of options. This system allows the optimisation of product deliveries to an end customer just in time and at the right place in the production sequence. It consists in the continuous monitoring of the customer’s needs in terms of the  range and number of required products. Fasteners are delivered directly to a production/assembly line without engaging the customer’s own staff in the process of the planning and executing of purchases, storing, and without tying up funds in warehoused stocks.

Benefits of implementing the Kanban system:

  • Elimination of inventories – products are delivered in module quantities, adjusted to the current production size.
  • Reduction of the warehouse space and the elimination of the time required to collect details from a warehouse – items are delivered directly to assembly lines. The system of deliveries does not require warehousing, or services relating to the receipt and issue of goods from the warehouse.
  • Reduction of costs relating to purchases – analysis of warehoused volumes, preparation of orders – the use of fasteners is monitored directly at the customer’s assembly line and this triggers subsequent deliveries.
  • Provision of deliveries of fasteners to a team with dozens of years of experience in deliveries made directly to assembly lines.

At Unibolt A/S we have our own packing department consisting of full-automized packing machines for packing in boxes of different sizes and packing machines for bags.

Our stock programme is packed in standard boxes with 25, 50 or 100 pcs. per box. The boxes are labeled with Unibolt labels with barcodes (Code 39). Additionally we can offer to pack the parts exactly the way you prefer, e.g.:

Packing with special quantity per box
With/without nut
Loose packed
Personalized labels with own logo and reference
Special wishes regarding EURO-pallets and frames

For the parts in our stock programme we deliver carriage paid for orders exeeding 3000 EUR, if you cannot reach carriage paid we are happy to arrange the transport for you at your account.

If you have special wishes regarding packing of your parts, please contact us.

Let’s improve logistics together!