Unibolt A/S was founded in 1899 as a local manufacturer of bolts, nuts and rivets. The factory
was originally named “Vejle Bolte- og Møtrikfabrik A/S”.


The establishment of the factory by Carl Brincker , CM Hess i JC Christiansen. All production is located at Flegmade 11, Vejle.



Vejle Bolte & Møtrikfabrik inaugurates new factory at Grønlandsvej, Vejle.


NKT (Nordiske Kabel - og Traadfabrikker) bought the factory and 3 years later merged it with Brdr Henze A/S of Copenhagen. During this period the name of the factory was changed to Uni-Bolt.

1977 - 2021

Several changes in ownership structures. The company has been sold to the Arvid Nilsson Group, then has been integrated into the German Gesipa GmbH Group. In the meantime changes its name to Unibolt A/S.


ASMET Group becomes the owner of the factory. Currently it produces 1,000-1,200 tons of cold-formed fasteners per year. More than 90% of the range produced is exported, mainly to the EU.