Unibolt is a leading Danish manufacture of screws, bolts, rivets, pins and other complicated cold forming parts.  Today, our fasteners are supplied to the whole world, mainly to the automotive, agriculture and other industries. That is beacuse of our great knowledge and experience in manufacturing bolts for fixing of wearing parts on soil cultivation implements. We know how a plough bolt must be made so it fits in both form and strength and keeps everything together when strong forces are released in the ground.

Since 2022 Unibolt is owned by the ASMET Group which is a leading manufacture and distributor of fasteners in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to a very wide range of products, we offer our customers logistics solutions tailored to the needs, which we are able to implement in accordance with the expectations and specific nature of their industry. We deliver fasteners with the quality, quantity, assortment and in the time frame requested by the customer.

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