Unibolt produces a wide range of cold formed parts such as screws, bolts, rivets, axles and other special parts manufactured on the basis of customers specifications. We currently manufacture more than 1,000 different parts for the agricultural, automotive, oil, wind, machine and building/ construction industries. We are able to serve any customer according to its individual needs and special requirements. We provide our own production facilities, the wide range of products and the qualified engineering and technical personnel. We are able to make drawing-based products according to customer  cocumentation – from a single piece to large-scale serial production. We should be pleased to provide you with our expertise in the field of cold forming and to advise and assist you on technical solutions optimising the balance between demands on functionality and production costs. In addition to our stock programme we also produce other coldformed parts according to specific customer design and specifications, in the following area:
  • Steel up to grade 12.9 incl. carburizing
  • Diameters from 6-24 mm
  • Length from 10-160 mm
  • Second operations in form of threading, turning, drilling
  • All kind of surface protections
We advise and assist our customers in product design, function and cost effective solutions.