Unibolt has modern machinery, such as CNC milling centres, NC lathes and thread-rolling machines. Our manufacturing program includes a range of bolt products with different diameters (from 6 to 24 mm ) and lengths (from 10 to 170 mm). We provide cold forming on 2, 4 and 5 stroke cold headers, including finishing processes such as rolling, turning, drilling, grinding. All types of metric and inch threads. We use steel up to grade 12.9, including carbonizing. Heat treatment: both hardening and annealing is done by our own heat treatment plant. We offer all kind of surface treatments/sealers, such as Geomet (zinc flake), zinc plating, zinc phosphating, zinc-nickel, zinc-iron, hot dip galvanising, mechanical galvanising, sheradising, Gleitmo 605 and etc. We are ISO9001:2015 approved and can supply full PPAP’s and ISIR’s on initial and serial deliveries. SPC and FMEA are an integral part of our processes. We specialize in manufacturing special bolt products according to customer drawings or specifications. More than 90% of our products is exported – primarily within the EU.


In our production we use the process of coldforming. This is a process that allows serial production of material parts with the following advantages:

– High production output and low material waste.

High and stabil product quality and strength:
– Uniform parts and unbroken material structure.

Forming principles 
The 3 basic forming principles

Forming steps

Example of 4 steps for forming

Material structure

By coldforming the grain structure in the material remains unbroken giving maximum strength

Unbroken material structure by coldforming
Broken material structure by turning
SURFACE T REATMENT In co-operation with recognized sub-contractors we offer a variety of surface protections incl. Cr6+ free coatings:
  • Zinc plating & chromating
  • Zinc/Iron plating combined with sealers
  • Mechanical plating
  • Phosfating
  • Delta Tone/Seal/Protekt
  • Magni
  • Geomet
  • Sheradisering
  • Hot spun galvanising
Thread locking and sealing in form of Eslok, Nyloc, Tuflc, etc. can also be offered.