We are increasing the range of offered products! Unibolt A/S can already provide 4die bolt making machines enabling the production of bolts up to M24 and shank lengths up to 160 mm.Sacma Model SP48L adds new bolt making possibilities with its combined 7 step process and is equipped with a 5die cold forming stage, 1 pointer and 1 thread rolling station. It allows the production of standard bolts both (according to PN, DIN, ISO standards) and special bolts made according to customer specifications.

Highly efficient and precisely designed, the machine represents the newest technology in the field. It has ergonomic compact design and operator platform for quick tool change and  set-up. The system is very operator friendly with a memory capacity for all the adjustments indicated below for thousands of parts and monitoring systems for controlling the cold forming and the thread rolling stations.

The machine is known for its high productivity and reliability, it is a great asset in modern production operations. With this state-of-the-art machine at our disposal, our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to take up new challenges and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and increases our European production capacity.

Essential parameters Sacma SP48-L:
– heading load: 2200 kN.
– production range: from M8 to M20.
– capacity: from 65 to 130 pcs/min.
– the class of used materials: up to 12.9.
– length range shank: from 30 to 160 mm.
– length range thread: up to 105 mm.